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What happens in an audit?

The audit process examines how members:

  • generate and administer their work products;
  • remain current with changing legislation;
  • manage their records;
  • adhere to the College’s Code of Ethics; and,
  • track and document Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities

Once the auditee is notified they will be audited, the auditee may declare any real or perceived conflicts with their assigned auditor within 5 business days of being notified. If there are no conflicts, the auditee must submit completed forms and supporting information to the College. The assigned auditor reviews the information and upon completion of the audit, makes a recommendation to the Audit and Practice Review Committee (APRC). The APRC considers the recommendation of the auditor(s) and determines one of six possible outcomes (see Question 15). Once the outcome has been determined, a letter is mailed to the auditee with the results of their audit.

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