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The Act and its Regulations

The Bylaws

The Professional Governance Act is specific in its requirement that regulators establish bylaws to guide the fulfillment of their mandates to protect the public interest. Hence, in order to comply with the PGA, the College Rules will be replaced by bylaws.

The bylaws have been developed by the College in consultation with the legal counsel and the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG). Once approved by the College’s Council and the OSPG, any bylaws will be officially filed with the provincial government.

The Code of Ethics is now called the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and can be found in Schedule 1 of the College’s bylaws. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CoEPC) is central to the mandate of protecting the public interest because it establishes what the public is entitled to expect from professionals. Integrity, competence, accountability and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations are the cornerstones to professional practice.

Supporting Documentation




Professional Practice Standards

Organizational Policies

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