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Pre-assessments, Reviews or Eligibility Confirmation

All assessments will only be conducted upon an application being completed. We strongly recommend that you review this information before submitting an application.

Review Tutorials

Credentialing Standard

Applicant Self-assessment Tool (ASAT)

Process and Requirements

Understanding the process and fee payment schedule

Requirements for Internationally Trained/Educated applicants

Registration via Labour Mobility in and outside of Canada

  • All applicants for registration regardless of application stream (e.g., labour mobility) must pay the application fee, complete the College’s online mandatory training courses and pay annual registration dues prior to receiving registration with the College.
  • Current and applicable fees and charges are detailed in the College Bylaws – Schedule 2


United Kingdom

Accredited programs

Accredited Programs

Accreditation Process

Reclassifying and registration status changes

All changes of registration status must be applied for through a registrant’s profile in the College’s registrant portal here:

Reclassifying Your Registration Designation

Change of Registration Status

On Leave

Resignation and retirement

Do you want to reinstate your registration?

Application Tutorials

Consider watching the application tutorials below. A revised Credentialing Standard went into effect May 2023. Tutorials will be updated to reflect changes. 

The tutorial videos are specific to each registrant and associated in training category and provide:

  • General information on the College and registrants’ requirements;
  • Answers to frequently asked application questions;
  • A Step by Step look at the online application process;
  • A demonstration of how to fill out the online application for the registrant category you wish to apply for;
  • Tips on how to submit a good application; and
  • Information about what it means to be a regulated applied biology professional with the College of Applied Biologists.

Review frequently asked questions about the application process.

Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) Application Tutorial

Registered Biology Technologist (RBTech) Application Tutorial

Applied Biology Technician (ABT) Application Tutorial

Applied Biology — Limited Licensee (AB-LL) Application Tutorial

Mandatory Training

As of October 16, 2023 the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct, Indigenous Awareness, and Legal Requirements courses are required to be paid for and completed as part of the registration requirements. The fee for all courses combined is $450. Read more about Mandatory Training for Applicants.

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