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The staff list and a listing of membership to the College’s governing Board and other working bodies can be found below. If you have any interest in volunteering for one of the groups below, please visit the volunteer opportunities page and upload an application.

College Board 2023-2024

RoleName, TitleLocation
ChairSeán Sharpe, RPBioSmithers, BC
Vice ChairVictoria Burdett-Coutts, RPBioNorth Vancouver, BC
Past ChairAlexandra de Jong Westman, RPBioWhitehorse, YT
MembersDenis Dean, RPBio,Kimberley, BC
Megan Hanacek, RPBioPort McNeill, BC
Corinna Hoodicoff, RPBioArmstrong, BC
Deborah Stanyer, RPBioVictoria, BC
Hannah Horn, RPBioClearwater, BC
Mark De Croos, Lay Board MemberPrince George, BC
Theresa Fresco, Lay Board MemberComox, BC
Brittany John, Lay Board MemberVancouver, BC


Name, TitleRoleLocation
Christine Houghton, christine.houghton@cab-bc.orgChief Executive OfficerVictoria, BC
Mike Engelsjord, RPBio, michael.engelsjord@cab-bc.orgDirector of PracticeVictoria, BC
Cameron Dexter, RPBio, cameron.dexter@cab-bc.orgManager of CompliancePort Alberni, BC
Helen Taraskin, helen.taraskin@cab-bc.orgManager of Finance & OperationsVictoria, BC
Sue Owen, sue.owen@cab-bc.orgManager of PracticeVictoria, BC
Isaac Anderton, RPBio, isaac.anderton@cab-bc.orgManager of Registrations
Black Creek, BC
Faith Brown, faith.brown@cab-bc.orgRegistration OfficerVictoria, BC
Tory Davis, tory.davis@cab-bc.orgExecutive Operations-Communications OfficerVictoria, BC
M. Eugenia Fernandez, eugenia.fernandez@cab-bc.orgAdministrative OfficerVictoria, BC
Sharon Stewart, sharon.stewart@cab-bc.orgBookkeeperVictoria, BC

Committees, Task Forces & Working Groups

You can review a listing of terms of reference and positions profiles for College working bodies in the College Board, Statutory Committees, and Current Working Bodies document library.

RoleName, Title
ChairJasen Nelson, RPBio
MembersWayne Wall, RPBio
Meghan Goertzen, RPBio
Samuel Barnes, RPBio
Cory Lagasse, RPBio
Sherri Wright, Lay Committee Member
Jonathan Lok, Lay Committee Member
Name, Title
Brian Clark, RPBio
Steve Gordon, RPBio
Jasen Nelson, RPBio
John Rithaler, RPBio
Seán Sharpe, RPBio
Wayne Wall, RPBio
Tom Watson, RPBio
Selena Shay, RPBio
Cory Lagasse, RPBio
Maryam Khoshnoodi, RPBio
Norma Powell, RPBio
David Vey, RPBio
Mike Engelsjord, Director of Practice
Cameron Dexter, Manager of Registrations and Compliance
Sue Owen, Regulatory Officer
RoleName, Title
ChairDr. Chris Johnson, RPBio
MembersFrancesca Knight, RPBio
Brent Phillips, RPBio
Gaius Wilson, RPBio
Heather Taylor, RPBio
Andrew Hall, Lay Committee Member
Stephani Horstman, Lay Committee Member
Name, Title
Eric Demers, RPBio
Chris Johnson, RPBio
Pierre Johnstone, RPBio
Francesca Knight, RPBio
Tracey L’Esperance, RPBio
Eric Lofroth, RPBio
Miriam Marshall, RPBio
Brent Phillips, RPBio
Roy Rea, RPBio
Leandro Torrella, RPBio
Jocelyn White, RPBio
Brendan Wilson, RPBio
Caroline Ashekian, RPBio
Dwight Shanner, RPBio
Trisha Merriman, RPBio
Seán Sharpe, RPBio
RoleName, Title
ChairMel Kotyk, RPBio
MembersLee Nikl, RPBio
Sharleen Hamm, RPBio
Mark LeRuez, RPBio
Adam Harding, RPBio
Corwyn Bettles, RPBio
Gina Layte Liston, RPBio
Jim Bayles, Lay Committee Member
Cairine Green, Lay Committee Member
Timothy Smith, P.Geo., Eng. L., Lay Committee Member
RoleName, Title
ChairAlexandra de Jong Westman, RPBio, Past Chair
MembersChelsea Regina, RPBio
Elizabeth Ashby, RPBio
Katherine McGlynn, RBTech
Thea Warren, BIT
Eric Shapiro, Lay Committee Member
RoleName, Title
ChairJennifer Prive, RPBio
MembersKim Klaczek, RBTech
Tanya Seebacher, RPBio
Katja Otting, P.Ag, Lay Committee Member
RoleName, Title
ChairSeán Sharpe, RPBio
MembersVictoria Burdett-Coutts, RPBio
Alexandra de Jong Westman, RPBio
Mark De Croos, Lay Member
RoleName, Title
ChairMark De Croos, Lay Member
MembersAlexandra de Jong Westman, RPBio
Seán Sharpe, RPBio
Hannah Horn, RPBio
Corinna Hoodicoff, RPBio
Debbi Stanyer, RPBio
Brittany John, Lay Member
RoleName, Title
ChairDebbi Stanyer, RPBio
MembersVictoria Burdett-Coutts, RPBio
Corinna Hoodicoff, RPBio
Rhonda Maskiewich, RPBio, RPP
Tara McBryan, RPBio
Jason Emery, RBTech
Christopher Addison, RPBio
RoleName, Title
Co-chairTheresa Fresco, Lay Member, Co-chair
Co-chairBrittany John, Lay Member, Co-chair
MembersJasen Nelson, RPBio
Wayne Wall, RPBio
Steve Gordon, RPBio
Tom Watson, RPBio
Brian Clark, RPBio
RoleName, Title
ChairAlex De Jong Westman, RPBio
MembersSeán Sharpe, RPBio
Debbi Stanyer, RPBio
Megan Hanacek, RPBio
Brittany John, Lay Member
RoleName, Title
ChairHannah Horn, RPBio
MembersVictoria Burdett-Coutts, RPBio
Corinna Hoodicoff, RPBio
Brittany John, Lay Member
Jaewoo Kim, RPBio
Stephanie Longworth, BIT
Shreya Jain, BIT
RoleName, Title
Co-ChairRaychl Lukie, RPBio
Co-ChairMariah Arnold, RPBio
MembersEva Boehringer, RPBio
Jaewoo Kim, RPBio
Cheng Kuang, RBTech
Gaius Wilson, RPBio
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