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Why has the new Act and the work of the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) resulted in higher dues for College registrants?

All regulators under the PGA have had to evaluate, revise and expand their statutorily mandated activities to come into and remain in compliance with the Act. Examples of investments and improvements made over the last four years includes:

  • Legal fees for regulatory and Bylaw development
  • Revisions to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and corresponding mandatory course
  • Revamped internal operating procedures
  • Investments in technology to allow for better access for registrants including online CPD reporting, an in-house Learning Management System, and the online application portal
  • Development of new mandatory courses, webinars and explanatory documents
  • Enhanced engagement and consultation on changes because of the Act and the implementation of reserved practice

Ongoing costs will include:

  • Increased capacity to support the required practice guidance program which includes development of a formal practice guidance program
  • Increased support for statutory committees
  • Bylaw updates and bylaw development
  • Increased reporting functions as required through the OSPG’s Standards of Good Regulation
  • Increased OSPG information requests, annual audits by the OSPG on meeting the Standards of Good Regulation, and annual reporting requirements
  • Proactive approach to enforce Title and Reserved Practice infringement
  • Operationalizing the Environmental Practice Panel (EPP) with the Association of Professional BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP) to develop better guidance for our registrants and the public
  • Ongoing collaboration with other regulators on alignments and intersections of reserved practice, and overlaps in regulated practice
  • Continued investments in technology
  • Monthly meetings with the OSPG and other regulators, quarterly meetings with the Professional Governance Advisory Committee, and participation on a number of task-oriented committees (e.g., firm regulation)
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