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How will the dues increase be applied?

Approved dues increases are summarized in the table below with the average increase across all categories to be around eight per cent (but not exceeding 10 per cent). The percentage of increase is different for some designations due to rounding preference.

Active and Temporary Withdrawal Status Dues2022 Dues ($)2023 Dues ($, up to 10% Increase)
RPBio Dues450485
RPBio Dues (Temporary Withdrawal)100110
RBTech Dues325350
RBTech Dues (Temporary Withdrawal)7075
BIT Dues140150
BIT Dues (Temporary Withdrawal)100110
ABT Dues140150
ABT Dues (Temporary Withdrawal)5055
Trainee ABT Dues7583
Trainee ABT Dues (Temporary Withdrawal)5055
Trainee RBTech Dues100110
Trainee RBTech Dues (Temporary Withdrawal)7075
Applied Biology – Limited Licensee Dues325350
Retired Status Dues2022 Dues ($)2023 Dues ($)
RPBio Dues (Retired)4550
RBTech Dues (Retired)3050
ABT Dues (Retired)2050

NB: Temporary Withdrawal has the same meaning as on-leave

Retired status dues have been static over the last few years but have been set at $50 per annum in order to offset required resources for managing these retired designations.

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