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How will regulation of firms be enforceable?

The PGA enables a regulatory body to regulate firms when that regulatory body has been authorized through regulation and has developed the necessary bylaws to do so. Regulated firms must…

3.1 Will there be a requirement to identify a Responsible Registrant for each discipline area as is the approach used by Engineers and Geoscientists BC?
3.2 For an engineering firm with an environmental services group, do we (as a firm) need to apply for a permit to practice number? (again as per EGBC), will we have a separate number or use the EGBC number?
3.3 What is the timing for firm registration, if required?
3.4 When is the Regulated Firm aspect of the PGA expected to be rolled out??

Currently Engineers and Geoscientists of BC are the only regulator who regulates firms. (The Architects Institute of British Columbia will be the other regulator once they are brought under the Professional…