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Lunch ‘n’ Learn Grass and Forb Seed Mixtures for Vegetated Retaining Walls, Naturalized Areas, and Green Roofs


This presentation by ESCABC will highlight the successes and lessons learned from vegetating local BC retaining wall, green roof, and naturalization projects using photos. The presentation will examine seed mix compositions of native/ agronomic grass seed mixes and wildflower blends for different areas of BC. Other topics of discussion include application methods, seed procurement and...

Lunch ‘n’ Learn A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Sustainable ESC from Transportation Construction Activities


A multi-disciplinary approach to ESC during construction is key to achieving a sustainable and resilient transportation right-of-way. Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will present their methods of managing construction stormwater pollution and examine how today’s practices can significantly influence tomorrow’s roadside environment. Participants will learn about challenges and lessons learned from early design through...