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The College is seeking good communicators and team players that are interested in running for the Board. Board Members contribute to the applied biology profession by upholding the public interest.

Through its gap analysis of the Board, the College Nominations Committee has identified the following competencies as being desirable for prospective nominees:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources Experience

It is not necessary for prospective nominees to possess all these competencies; however, they should possess competencies that are complementary to the Board’s current composition.

Below are additional resources regarding participation in the Board, including expectations for Board Members, the College’s travel and expense policy and position profiles for various Board positions.

Position Profiles

NB: Due to changes to the Professional Governance Act, the positions of President, Vice President and Councillor changed to Chair, Vice Chair and Board member.

Time Commitment

Positions on the Board are estimated to require about 20 days out of the year:

ActivityTime (Days)
Meeting Travel5
Meeting Preparation (review of materials, etc.)5
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