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2024 Elections – Nominations Process

College of Applied Biologists 2024 Election

NB: Due to changes to the Professional Governance Act, the positions of President, Vice President and Councillor are now Chair, Vice Chair and Board member.

Nominations for the 2024 College Board elections are closed. All practicing registrants in good standing are eligible to sit on the Board but must meet additional eligibility requirements as described in Policy 3 – 100: Nominations. Please note that the College Board has approved revisions to Policy 3-100 which broaden eligibility for the Vice Chair position.

Positions to be elected this election year include:

  • Vice Chair* 
  • Two Board Members (Three-year term)

*The registrant whom is elected to the Vice Chair position on a three-year term shall act as the Vice Chair in the first year of their term, as Chair in their second year, and as Past Chair in their third year.

Nominations for 2024 Board Elections are closed.

College Elections are operated in compliance with the Professional Governance Act, Professional Governance General Regulation, College bylaws and Policy 3 – 100. See Statutory and Regulatory Requirements for more information regarding Council elections.

Any further questions regarding the elections in 2024 should be directed to the College CEO Christine Houghton, and 250-383-3306.

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